AS 196 Twin Cylinder air compressor wiring issue

by Lex
(Nijmegen, the Netherlands)

AS 196 Twin Cylinder air compressor

AS 196 Twin Cylinder air compressor


I got a AS 196 compressor from a friend. There is something wrong with the wiring.

I need the wiring diagram or a picture of the wiring behind the cover on the valve-side of the compressor.

The compressor builds up pressure to about 4 bar, the compressor then stops en starts again at 3 bar. This correct behaviour.
The blow off valve should open if you power down the compressor. At the moment it opens between 3 and 4 bar and when you power down the compressor. The valve is situated on the top left on the picture.

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Feb 06, 2017
Wiring AS 196
by: Bill

I cannot tell you how to do it Lex, but if it were me, this is what I would consider.

The power supply wires - one of which, or perhaps both of which - will arrive at the power switch. The power supply will then go to the pressure switch, both power supply on the same side of the switch, and if there is an earth, make sure to connect it to the earth / ground terminal.

The motor wires will go to the other side of the pressure switch, so that when the pressure switch trips, power will flow through it to the motor to start the compressor.

I expect that the wires to the solenoid - unloader come from the motor side of the pressure switch, one each from line and load. If that is the case, the unloader valve would be energized while the compressor is running, and upon cut out, the unloader solenoid would then be de-energized, allowing it to open and dump the air.

Hope this helps. Please keep us posted.

Feb 06, 2017
by: Lex

Hi Bill,

You are right, but behind the cover are wires coming from the electric motor, power switch, pressure switch and the solenoid. The previous owner did some tinkering with wire connectors and did not do a good job.

I did found the manual and contacted wiltec, but a wiring diagram is not available..

Feb 06, 2017
AS 196 blowdown
by: Bill

Lex, the blowdown valve you refer to appears to be a solenoid type, which means to me that a signal is needed to either open it for blowdown, or the absence of an electrical signal allows it to open.

If I'm right, the wiring is pretty simple... two wires. They appear to exit the rear of the motor housing closest to the valve.

Rather than explain what it says in the manual here, copy and paste this link to your browser to get the manual.

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