Are worn reed valves the problem?

by peter

if i see daylight through the intake reed valve even after cleaned is that normal or worn out.

the exhaust side is fine. it builds pressure slowly and the last 10 pound take a minute or so.

check valve, pressure valve,piston rings, gaskets all good.

it is hard to tell but it also feels that there is vacuum and pressure coming out of the air filter port depending on the cycle,is that ok.

kicks in 80psi and out 105 psi.belt tension and engine speed also ok.the breather is not blocked but does spit out some oil not much and oil level good.

i have performed the calculation and it is presently pushing 2 cfm which is not enough for a 2hp 30 gallon compressor.

unfortunately it was rebuild once and when they painted it they removed the pump sticker no idea what brand or model.

what have i missed.

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Apr 06, 2015
Worn reed valves
by: Bill

If the intake valve is leaking, air and oil will blow back out the intake port.

The pump would huff and puff.

Apr 06, 2015
Worn reed valves
by: Anonymous

blow by would consist of oil passing through the rings and coming out of the exhaust reed valve and finally in your compressed air, not coming out of your crankcase breather .that situation maybe normal depending on how the breather in made or the breather itself has a broken baffle inside of it if it even has one.

Apr 04, 2015
pix please
by: Doug in

The pressure blowing oil out the vent suggests piston blow-by.

The daylight on the valves could be the (a) problem.

Do you have more time or money? If the former, you may want to try either bending the fingers or replacing them with something you fabricate from sheet steel...

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