Any information on an old DeVilbiss pump

by Michel Marshall
(Riverside CA USA)

Old DeVilbiss pump parts

Old DeVilbiss pump parts

Old DeVilbiss pump parts
Old DeVilbiss pump
What is this,  is it a valve that works like a cam I don't know what it is but I'd like to know how it works
Old DeVilbiss pump side view

Bill I would like to get any info I can on this pump and these parts.

They are obviously cool old parts.

I want to restore them any info on parts, diagrams on this old devilbiss pump.

Facing the pulley which is the correct direction of rotation and also on the Air exit manifold there a copper tube that comes through the middle and I'm real curious what that's all about.

I would like to save this old pressure switch and if I can get any parts.

And I think it is the intake there's about a 30 degree elbow that also has a boss for a copper tube that goes to the crankcase.

I would like to see if I can get a NOS part if I possible can, and the air out 3 way manifold has a copper tube that comes out thru the middle of it and I would like to know how it works.

Information tag will follow.

Thanks very much Bill for any help you can give me I really appreciate it Michel.

Model# 131
SN# 131J5100
Min RPM 300
Max RPM @ 750 is 50lbs pressure
Max RPM @ 700 is 80lbs pressure
Max RPM @ 600 is 150lbs pressure

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Feb 11, 2016
your old compressor
by: roger

The square thing is a pressure switch that activates the motor when tank pressure drops.

The big round thing appears to be a mechanical pressure relief system that bolts directly to the crankcase and actuates a pressure relief valve and serves as the unloader so the motor can turn the pump when it starts with no "head" pressure.

I also saw a "tank" pressure relief valve.

Good luck finding parts... that after all is why I'm on here... I'm looking for a pressure relief valve that comes out of the crank case cover.

Jan 17, 2016
Thanks Doug
by: Michel

Thanks Doug any help is good help so thank you for your help.


Jan 15, 2016
131 pump
by: Doug in

The thing near the shaft opposite the sheave is "probably" part of a centrifugal unloader.

That's about all I can tell you, sorry.

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