Alltrade Air Compressors

What do we know about Alltrade air compressors?

Alltrade air compressors are sold by a company called Alltrade Tools LLC whom are based in California.

The company lays claim to have manufacturing and assembly plants in Taiwan and in China and do not appear to manufacture in North America.

Alltrade sells their compressors on line via Amazon, and through major and minor retail outlets such as Walmart, PepBoys, Tractor Supply, Rona, Parts Source, Canadian Tire, and more.

The company suggests that they have expertise in the design and manufacturing of many of the products they sell. Their air compressors look very similar to those sold by other brands, however. I expect that many of the Alltrade Air Compressors come from the same factories in China that make other brands of identical compressors. This doesn't make them a bad source or a bad brand of compressors, but I see little that will differentiate their compressors from others. They chase the price market for compressors, I believe, and as such, the consumer may not want to look at this brand for other than hobby or light workshop use. That's only my opinion, of course!

Alltrade air compressors

The Alltrade compressor range currently is from a 3 gallon fractional HP type up to a 5 peak HP motor driven compressor on a 30 gallon tank.

Alltrade also sells the Air Plus brand of air compressors. They also sell Snap On compressors as an official Licensed Product. Snap-On is a trademark owned by Snap-on Incorporated and is used under license.

Contact information for Alltrade Air Compressors

   1431 Via Plata
   Long Beach, CA 90810-1462
   Phone: (310) 522-9008
   Product Support / Parts & Service:
   Phone: 800-423-3598

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Here is an Alltrade compressor manual for your complimentary download:

Alltrade Air Compressor Issues

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