Alltrade 5hp 25 gal runs intermittently

by Marcoma
(Newhall. CA)

I have an Alltrade 5hp 25 gal oil compressor which is having issues. It's gotten progressively worse over the last few months so I decided to fix it.

When I turn it on, it'll charge for about a minute or so then reach between 50 - 60 psi and shut off.

The motor will hum occasionally and sometimes kick back in, add a few more psi then shut off again. And so on.

My first thought was the pressure switch so I fitted a new 125 psi preset switch. No luck.

Then I changed the capacitor. Nope.

Next was new piston rings, gaskets and reed valves. Same.

With what was fundamentally now a new compressor, I called Alltrade - several times. When I eventually got through after being on hold for 25 mins, I was told it is likely the circuit breaker thermal overload switch which is part of the armature winding on this model and my only option was to buy a new one.

Not one to give up, I pulled the motor, stripped down the casings and got to the armature. I'm hoping I can replace it with a compatible part (which will be accessible and resettable without tearing down the motor again)

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May 26, 2018
by: Marcoma

I looked into getting the thermal breaker - I could only find it in China and in large bulk buys.

So tonight I removed the breaker, soldered two wires from it's feed and reassembled the motor. I temporarily joined the two wires and fired it up. The compressor charged to 125 psi and cut out. RESULT! I have a 15 AMP overload switch on order and I will fit that in place of the bridged wire when it arrives. Problem solved. I'll post pics when I do.

May 23, 2018
Compressor motor armature
by: Doug in

Any clue who made the motor?

Maybe you can get just the breaker?

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