Airforce 150 high amp draw on start up & cutting out

by Ian

Hi Bill,

Wilkonson Star Uk ( branded Snap On ) but really a FIAC Italy unit.

Model: Airforce 150

Belt drive air compressor

3hp (2.2kw) Electric Motor/ Single phase 50Hz /

Pull up the start stop switch and use an amp clamp. Reads 28-30amp r initially. Also reads like this with the lower water drain open and outlet tap closed.

Gauge Pressure is very slow to build. Won't develop past 112psi at best and 85-87 at worst.

Pressure switch cut out at 150psi and cut in at 120psi set at Pressure switch from factory. Pressure Vessel is rated to 165psi.

Unit bogs down and cuts out after labouring momentarily.

Any suggestions ?

Many thanks



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Oct 05, 2017
Airforce 150 high amp draw
by: Bill

Sounds like something is either overloading the motor, or it may be the motor itself at fault. At this point, we cannot know.

That you have the tank drain open and that doesn't make a difference suggests to me that it might be a mechanical pump issue, intake valve, high pressure valve or pump piston.

However, before you tear the pump down, would you please check the start and run capacitor to ensure that it / they are working?


Let us know what's what, will you?

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