Airbrush compressor not able to start unless shaken

Hi Bill,

I have an airbrush compressor made in Taiwan which acts weirdly recently. Bought it last October 2013.

It normally compresses air and then click. But after 2-3 sprays, the compressor won't start up but the whole unit gets hot! When I touch the compressor, it is somewhat vibrating a little.

all I did what shake it a bit and then it starts to compress air again. I have to do this many times to continue spraying.

May I please know what is the problem with the compressor? It works but have to shake it once in awhile and it's very hot.

Thanks in advance, Bill!
A bit hard to be specific on this one, as I don't know the make or model, and I cannot search for specifics on this air brush air compressor.

I don't even know if this compressor has a tank, which has a bearing on how it operates.

What I suggest is that you read the pages about how air compressors work, what the internal "feedback" mechanism is to start and stop the typical compressor as the air pressure increases and decreases, and see if that helps pinpoint the item that isn't working properly.

Off hand, I'd guess that your pressure switch may be failing, but then, if your compressor has a separate ON/OFF switch, and it's failing, shaking the compressor might reconnect the leads briefly.

If you wish more help, start a new question, and add 4 photos of your compressor, one taken from each side, so we can see what's what.



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Sep 04, 2014
Might you be low on oil?
by: Mike P in Vegas

Does your compressor require oil of any kind? Perhaps its low, and its piston is nearly seizing — and your shaking it is loosening the piston back into motion?? The "heat" is a dead giveaway of a piston which is incurring too much friction.

They do get warm or even HOT, but only after 30 minutes or more of continual operation. If you're experiencing a lot of heat after only a few minutes of operation, your piston is incurring too much friction.

Bill's suggestion that your shaking it may be causing some loose connections to "reconnect", thus providing operation... With the compressor unplugged (of course) see if all wires are correctly, firmly connected.

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