by renzyboi

I have a mini airbrush compressor which I wasn’t able to use for a few months.

Today, I was about to use it but suddenly it leaks air.

The compressor works and can produce air.
But after a few minutes, I can hear some air leaking out of the compressor.

Mini Airbrush Compressor
Mini Airbrush Compressor

I put a red mark on the picture where the air leaks out.

I am not sure what part of the compressor that the air leaks out.

How do I fix it? Please help me.


Mini airbrush compressor leaking
by: Bill

Well renzyboi, the obvious question is, have you tried tightening the bolts?

From the image it would seem that air is leaking from the pump housing.

Also, check the in-tank check valve to make sure it is working. See how to on the check valve pages on this site.


Airbrush Compressor Leaks Air
by: renzyboi

Hi Bill thanks for your reply.
Yes I have tried tightening the bolts but it is still leaking.
Compressor can produce air and works but after a minute, It is starting to leak air.


by: Bill

That would suggest that as the tank pressure grows, your compressed air possibly cannot flow into the tank easily and that’s forcing air out of the seals of the pump head.

That’s a gasket leak for sure, but why?

Once again, assuming there is one check the in-tank check valve to make sure it is working.


Where is intake check valve
by: renzyboi

Sorry to ask but where can I find the intake check valve?
There is one ring that when I tried to pull, air was being released from the tank. Not sure what is it called.
Thank you.


PRV is the ringed part
by: Bill

What you pulled the ring on was the PRV.

Typically there is a fitting where the air line from the pump enters the tank and again, typically, that’s where the tank check valve is located.

Do you have a manual with a parts list?

Please have a look and see if it identifies it, and then let us know.

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