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Knowing that some folks find air valves and air valve types confusing, on this page you can ask a question about any compressed air valve.

Please have a look at the questions and answers already posted to see if yours is already responded to. If not, whether it be a questions about valve operators, solenoid valves, multi-ported valves, bypass valves, pressure relief valves and so on, please don't hesitate to ask using the form below.

Your valve questions will help you (I hope) and at the same time, help others that may have the same type of valve issue, but have not yet asked.



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I work on responses to information and technical requests daily. Please allow about 24 hours for a response. Thanks. Bill

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I need compressor to shut down when leaks happen? 
I work at a station that has an airline for public use, for filling tires. Sometimes the "public" runs over the air line / hose and creates a leak. …

Smoking v belt on restart - unloader valve? 
Compressor burns out belts as it won't restart with too much pressure for the motor to overcome resistance of the compressor head. I don't know if there …

5/3 closed centre valve 
We use a Festo 170248 5/3 closed centre valve to actuate a double acting cylinder. I understand that if the air or electrical supply is interupted …

Compressor pump and air backflow? 
DeVilbiss. - compressor pump and air backflow? I just recently tore the compressor pump apart to replace a broken bolt on the connecting rod. Reassembled …

Install air valves in a Y configuration? 
I would like to use a 3/2 valve in a Y configuration. i.e. compressed air source is continuous at the base of the Y, and then I can switch the flow into …

Valve for compressed air bicycycle? 
Actually am a student. Am going to do project on pneumatic powered bike so i want supply compressed air to the engine inlet valve. so please could you …

Consequences of power failure on a two coil air valve? 
What will happen if the power fails in the duel coiled 5/2 valve? it is used for a double acting cylinder,cylinder forward coil is on & cylinder moved …

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