Air Tool Water and
     Freezing Temperatures

A visitor asked a question about air tool water and freezing temperatures.

"I have an 80 gal. 2 stage compressor, running 2 DA's (Double Action Sanders). The compressor is outdoors and temperature is 30F and below with high humidity. "

"I'm having problems with the DA's locking up. Read everything on your web site and as I suspected the problem is water.

DA's will run a while without filters but then decrease in speed until stopping. Letting them sit for 10 mins clears them for more use. Put filters in at the tank, though there is still some moisture getting through that I will fix with another filter at the work site, with the filter in place at the tank both DA's are experiencing pretty severe pressure fluctuation.

Double Acting Sander

DA will drop down to almost no rotation, then pick back up, up, down,,over and over. Put a air chuck on and can clearly see pressure dropping and rising. Lines are 100 ft. and also outdoors. Got any ideas what can cause this rise and drop in pressure? Moved one of the filters to the work site, 50ft from DA, problem got better but still there. Can't put the filter on the DA as I'm sanding a boat and the DA is vertical which puts the water back into the air supply.

Thanks, MARK."


From what you have written, and understanding that hot, water filled air from your compressor will rapidly cool and condense water all through your lines, and then, when the air is cold enough, that water will freeze, it is water and cold that's your problem.


Comment from Mark:

Thanks Bill for taking the time and helping out.

To answer your question, yes, Dual Action sander. From what I know the're close to the highest drain on a compressor as it was very hard to find one that would run two of them.

Yep, believe you are right on with the answer. It's been a couple of days since I posted and have since found more info supporting your response. 2 nights ago all sanders (3 of them) slowed down and stopped, temp was down to 4 degrees. Took them all inside and took the air valve apart, water was collecting and locking up the valve.

I put another better filter in line inside where I'm sanding the boat at, definately collecting more water. Still have the temp thing to work out, had really hoped to not have to heat both the compressor and tent I have the boat in, but looks like I have no choice. The DA's do not do well when it gets below 20, even the smallest amount of moisture freezes the tool if set down for more than 5 minutes.

Thanks again, MARK