air storage tank

by rick geter
(alabaster, alabama)

i am sending air through a filter regulator lubricator at 20 psi to a directional valve , then to a small double acting cylinder. all lines are 3/16 id hose. i have a 231 cu in storage tank. where should the storage tank be located ?

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Aug 11, 2017
storage tank
by: Doug in

What Bill said. If you want the FRL to do its job, the tank should be located before the FRL. Locating it downstream of the FRL would allow the oil mist to settle in the tank, rather than getting to the cylinder, unless demand is very high. Even so, you'd get an oily tank, probably not desirable.

Aug 11, 2017

by: Bill

Rick, you mean you have another tank besides the one on the compressor, yes?

Is the purpose of the new tank to provide backup air for the valve/cylinder? Is there another reason?

How fast will the cylinder be cycling... ie: will it run out of air from the compressor while cycling normally.

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