Air sanding/polishing

by Debi Kapinus
(Kamloops,BC, Canada )

I work with large quartz and slate rocks (up to 4'4') and need to polish off oxidation and to smooth down surfaces.

My current 15 gallon kicks out every 3-5 minutes so im always forced to stop and wait for it.

Im on a budget of $800 and do not care if its new or not and am not brand specific


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Jun 18, 2018
Air sanding/polishing
by: Doug in

What Bill said, and have you considered an electric unit? It *might* be better suited to your need...

Jun 17, 2018
Air sanding/polishing compressor
by: Bill

Debi, the most important information you don't offer is what is the air demand of the polisher and at what pressure?

And... how long do you need to run it at one time?

Without that information we're all just throwing darts at a pinup of air compressors.

Please provide that info and we can make an informed recommendation.

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