Air Recovery System

ARS Air Recovery Systems are in the business of reducing compressed air energy costs through recovering compressed air.

Frankly, I don't know these guys from Adam, but when I came across their information on the web, I thought it was important enough to bring to you.

The technology is claimed to exist for folks blow molding PET containers that can recycle about 50% of the high pressure compressed air used in the manufacturing process. Man, that's enormous savings if it's actually the case.

Quote from their website: "PET bottles are produced using dry compressed air supplied from compressors at a pressure of about 40 bars (580 psi)These compressors consume a great deal of electricity. The ARS system allows a significant reduction in the volume of air used for blow moulding PET bottles, with a very large decrease in electrical consumption as a result."

And, "How can I best use the recycled air? By using it for:

  • Pre-blowing
  • Machine movements
  • Feeding the balance of recovered air into the low pressure service air system for the factory and/or using it as additional input between the compressor and the high pressure booster."

And, it seems that they can recover compressed air that's "slightly used" from other applications as well.

When air exits from the exhaust from an air valve it's exhausting under pressure and escaping back to atmosphere. If you could capture that air as it escapes, much of the energy that you used to compress it in the first place could be saved and reused. Awesome.

air recovery system

I read about it first in this Plant Service article:

Then I went to the manufacturer's web site: . Visit this site for detailed information and to find sources of their equipment near you.

We all have a vested interest in reducing energy consumption and energy waste. If you're in a position to do something about that in your plant, I hope you'll take a look at this information.