Air pressure drops to 0 after I shoot one nail

CAP 2060 P air compressor

CAP 2060 P air compressor

The outlet pressure . If I unplug the hose it goes back to disired pressure

After you drive the nail, as a comment here, please tell me what the tank gauge pressure reading is, and what the regulator gauge pressure reading is.

Then, when you remove the hose, what is the reading on both gauges?



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Apr 27, 2014
Outlet pressure
by: Anonymous

The tank pressure remains normal. The outlet pressure goes from normal to 0 after you fire one nail. If you unplug the hose the outlet pressure returns to normal.

That the pressure gauge on the regulator drops to zero after one nail shot suggests to me that the problem is with the regulator. If it cannot pass air quickly enough, the air line is voided by firing the nail gun, and the downstream pressure will drop lower as the air cannot get through the regulator to fill the line.

Remove the line and now the regulator has no downstream area to fill, and shows the set pressure.

If this were my air compressor I would be replacing the regulator. Don't buy the cheapest one. In air components, like many things, you get what you pay for.


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