Air manifold and air distribution

by Ray Singley
(Sacramento, Ca)

Is there a compressed air manifold that distributes the air evenly from each outlet?

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Jan 25, 2015
Air manifold and air flow
by: Bill

Hi Ray...

Not knowing the why of your question makes it a bit difficult to answer specifically.

Here's what happens in a manifold, or in any circuit where air is flowing.

There is a source of high pressure air. When an opening occurs to an area of lower air pressure, like in an air line to a manifold, the compressed air flows from high pressure to low.

That air flow will fill the line, fill the manifold, and if there is no other opening to a lower pressure area, the air will stop flowing and the pressure throughout the tank, line and manifold will stabilize.

When you open a line from the manifold to another air line, air will flow from the tank, through the line to the manifold, and then from the manifold to whatever is at the end of the line you have just opened.

If you open two lines from the manifold, since air always flows from high pressure to low, and compressed air always flows down the path of least resistance, as long as both open lines have the same demand of air at the end, and as long as that demand of air is less than the amount of air that can be supplied to the manifold from the tank, both lines will get enough air.

If, however, one of the lines has a really high demand air device, it will pull more air that the other, and will get an inordinate share of the air flowing to the manifold from the tank.

If the demand for air exceeds the supply to the manifold, the highest demand air line will typically pull the most air until the supply is depleted.

So, in order to get equal flow from one manifold, all the outgoing lines should demand equal flow, and the total of all flows should not exceed the supply to the manifold.

If supply of air to a device is critical, it's better to have a unique supply in my opinion.


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