Air leak from under regulator.

by Ben
(Salem Oregon )

Ridgid OF45150 air compressor

Ridgid OF45150 air compressor

My air compressor charges just fine, shuts off at 150 but then leaks air out from under the regulator knob. If I tighten it all the way down it stop. What can be causing this?

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Oct 26, 2015
Check valve etc
by: Bill

Ben, the check valve suggestion was just that. The check valve should not be allowing air from the tank into the discharge line, but since they do get fouled up from time to to, I always suggest a check.

If you see the check valve page, it's covered there.

The discharge coupler is what keeps the air in the discharge line. The discharge line is open from the tank. The regulator has a diaphragm that separates the guts of the regulator from the discharge line so that what is happening in your regulator doesn't, namely, air leaks through or by the regulator diaphragm and out the relieving hole. If you aren't sure what that is, see the page on regulators.

If you can get parts for the regulator, sure, fix it. I suspect parts will be in short supply and / or cost more than a new regulator.

Oct 25, 2015
Leaking reg
by: Ben

My compressor is a Ridgid OF45150 oil less 4.5 gallon. It definitely is leaking from under the regulator. I did the soapy solution technique.

Any chance if the check valve is bad it would cause that? How can I Ops check the check valve?

If not the check valve then do I replace the whole reg of just the defective part? Thank you

Oct 25, 2015
Ridgid regulator leaks
by: Bill

I can't see it as I don't know the model number, so cannot even look for an image on line. (model number and image added after)

If you are sure that the air is coming from the regulator, that might suggest a diaphragm failure in the regulator.

However, if this were my compressor, I'd check with soapy water to determine exactly where the leak is, and before changing the regulator, I'd probably pull and check the tank check valve first.

See the page on the tank check valve for details.

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