air filter selection

by eric
(Melbourne, Australia )

wilkerson mini compressed air filter

wilkerson mini compressed air filter

I have a 16cfm compressor, what air filter do I need

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Nov 19, 2014
air filter
by: Doug in

However -

You do need to also pay attention to the max pressure.

Most filters will easily handle 125PSI or so, but if you run a 175PSI (e.g.) compressor, you might blow it.

Also, depending on the air going into the compressor, you may want to use two filters in tandem, to trap more moisture and give yourself some "headroom".

See the section on filters.

Nov 19, 2014
Size of air filter
by: Bill

A 16 CFM air flow isn't much in terms of air filter capacity, Eric.

You'll want to know what size pipe you are attaching the filter to, and since I have no idea of what compressor we are talking about, I can't even guess at that, though 1/8" or 1/4" NPT would likely suffice.

Your typical mini-air filter for compressors - usually 1/8" NPT - can flow and filter in the range of 40 CFM, so if you're after a compressed air filter for your 16 CFM flow, any one with that flow would suffice.

I've uploaded an image of a Wilkerson compressed air filter and one like this would do the job for you.


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