Air filter intake distance

by Jim

24cfm gas powered compressor

24cfm gas powered compressor

24cfm gas powered compressor
D rated air cleaner

I have the need to produce breathable air from a portable 24cfm gas powered compressor.

i have the proper D rated air cleaner for breathing but keep getting a CO sensor thrown on the breather box. I believe the air is being contaminated by the exhaust of the engine as it might sit too close to the intake.

would i be better to further the exhaust or the intake and if so how far and what size intake pipe.

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Jul 11, 2017
CO in air
by: Doug in

Maybe just adding a "stack" (as on big rigs) made with drain pipe or a fan to drive exhaust away from your intake would do the trick?

Is the engine Calif EPA or no?

Jul 10, 2017
Breathable air
by: Bill

While you should rely on official guidelines for producing breathable air, it seems logical to me that if the air intake is pulling in exhaust, that's bad news.

Sure, move the air intake away from the exhaust to stop it from ingesting exhaust gas.

Look at the size of the intake port on the compressor, and ensure that, as you plumb the intake filter away from that port, that you take into account air flow loss due to plumbing distance and fittings used.

See the page on this site about pressure loss as a guide and increase the size of the intake pipe accordingly to prevent air starvation at the pump.

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