Air dryer for binks type 331036 5HP

I need to install an air dryer on a binks air compressor type 331036 4632 5HP. I Need to know the CFM to match it to a correct dryer.

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Aug 31, 2014
Air dryer for Binks compressor
by: Bill

As a rule of thumb, you can expect to get about 3-4 CFM per HP of compressor electric motor. So, your compressor should be providing 15-20 CFM of compressed air at 90 PSI.

I don't know what type of air drier you are considering.

If it's refrigerant, give your size some excess capacity if you are using the compressor for work. The drier will perform more effectively if you are not overloading it.

Make sure you have a large enough water separator just upstream from the drier, and if your compressor is spewing oil into the tank and air stream, you may need / want a coalescent filter after the water separator and before the drier to remove oil from the air stream, thus helping the effectiveness of the drier.

Good luck.

If you care to, when you've got your drier installed, start a new thread about your installation, and upload up to four photos of your compressor and drier combo.


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