Air cylinder "speed"...

by Gabriel

I am working on a Can crusher.

I am not a pro but I like to keep myself busy by doing new things.

I had a 1½" bore & enerything I needed fot the can ccrusher to "crush" It worked pretty good but not with enough force to do it (it did crush the cans) but sometimes I crushed them many times to get a little bit more flat.

Now I have a 3" bore cylinder (rod size is 1") but It doesnt have the same speed compared to the 1½" bore I had.

Speed Controller ?
Air flow valve ?

QUESTION !!! What should I do to make it more faster, It has the POWER I NEEDED but NOT the speed ! ...

By the way this is a nice website for guys like me... Always lookig for the tight anwer

Bill says...

Hey Gabriel, thanks for your question and nice comment. :-)

What pops to mind, reading your question, is you don't indicate what size compressor you have.

A 3" bore cylinder will require a good chunk of air to move quickly.

More info on that here.

I suspect that your air supply is too limited or it's being throttled too much by an in line valve.



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Jan 24, 2010
the port size..
by: Gabe

Hey Bill,
the valve is 5 port,4 way, 2 pos.
with 3 - 1/4" ports with 2 - 1/8" exhaust,
right now the exhaust ports have push-in fitting elbows w/o tubing attached to them,
now I am thinking that the valve I was using needs bigger exhaust ports I saw one in the market that I would like to try

Lever Valve with Spring Return (the five ports are 1/4")


Operation ============ Manual- Direct
Maximum Pressure ===== 150 psig (10.3 bar)
Working pressure ===== 0-135 psig (0-9.3 bar)
Flows ================ Cv = 1.9 (whatever that means)

what do you think Bill ?

PS do you know where I can buy a jam nut for my cylinder, size 1 3/4" - 12 ? I tried my locals hardware stores and auto patrs and so far I am not having any luck.

Your valve is large enough, you really don't need larger exhaust ports if the fittings aren't blocked, I don't know why you are having the problem you are having.

Find your local industrial store that sells air valves and air cylinders. They should have the jam nut for you.

Good luck.


Jan 16, 2010
configuration of the air valve
by: Gabe

Ok Bill,
The valve I am using is a
* 5 ports 4 way 2 position.


What is the port size of the valve? You have the supply going into the center port on the supply side, yes? Do you have anything screwed into the exhaust ports?


Jan 15, 2010
type of air comp...
by: Anonymous

sorry I didnt answer so quicly,
the air compressor I have is
* Reciprocating type
* 2.8 CFM @ 90 PSI
* 150 MAX
* 6 GAL.

it's all I know.

PS I read from your site that if I use a QUICK EXHAUST VALVE right in the cylinder's port will help too, but don't I need a 4 way valve configurations: 3 position, exhaust-center valves

Thanks again !!

Bill says...

Your compressor should have the flow necessary for your can crusher.

What is the configuration of the air valve you are using to operate the cylinder. How many ports, how many positions?


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