air constantly flowing out of the unloader valve on Senco PC1010

by Duane
(Kelseyville CA USA)

I have replaced the check valve on my Senco pc1010 but there is still air constantly flowing out of the unloader valve on the pressure switch.

Should I replace the pressure switch?

If I get a pressure switch I will have spent over $50 and there is a chance the piston may be bad.

My general rule is if the repair is %50 of the cost of new just buy a new one.

The pressure switch has nothing to do with the piston issue, Duane. If the piston is bad, then that would be the first issue to deal with, and if that breaks your rule then buy a new compressor.

Good that you checked the check valve regarding the air blowing out of the unloader valve.

Is air blowing out all the time, or just when the compressor is running, or just when it's off?

If air is blowing out of your unloader valve when the compressor is running then it's likely a failed unloader valve, and if you cannot find just that part to replace, then yes, a new pressure switch should resolve that.


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