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Hello, Can you help me please, i had an older husky 60 gallon tank compressor got to much water out of the line, and it wouldnt keep up with my da, and air board sanders for auto body, i just got back from buying a husky pro HS5181 from Home Depot, it is a 5hp - max air pressure is 175 psi -2 stage- 13.75-14.0 scfm @ 90 psi which *hopefully will keep up with my air sanders*.

The person there sold me an air pressure regulator, and a general purpose filter to keep water out, both are husky brand. I

get them home, and the filter, and regulater are rated for 150 max psi, and the compressure puts out 175 psi, he sold me the wrong stuff.

Can you please tell me what to buy to keep the water out of line, and what regulator to buy.

I do auto body and paint as my at home hobby for people, it isnt a big operation maybe 1-2 jobs a month *if that*.. I dont have a lot of money to spend but is there anything in the $150.00 dollar and lower range that will do me right. Thank You

Bill says...

If you read the page linked from the navigation bar named COMPRESSOR WATER, and then read the pages linked from that one, most of your questions will be answered.

If you need to run your equipment at 175 PSI (doubtful) then your filter and regulator are under built for your compressor.

Normally you install air treating components as FRL's = that's filter first, then regulator, and then any lubricator if one is required.

The filter takes the free water and the crud out of the air before it gets to the more sensitive regulator.

If you must have 175 PSI air, than you need components able to withstand that air pressure. If you don't then get a regulator that can handle 175 PSI, put that first, lower the air pressure to below 150 PSI, and then you are good to go with the treatment equipment that you already bought.



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