Air compressors blowing up (Sears)

by Glenn
(Nickerson Mn, Pine)

My sears air compressor blew up in the garage. Took out block wall & ceiling out above (12'). Why or how did this happen? sear 919.170230 3hp 30gal.

Bill says...

Glenn. Yikes!!!!! I hope no one was hurt?

I can't be sure since I'm not seeing the remains, nor did I see the compressor before the accident, but it sounds to me like your compressor pressure switch may have failed.

If the pressure switch doesn't shut off the compressor at the high pressure set point, then the compressor will keep running and building pressure in the tank.

If that happens your pressure relief valve is supposed to open to vent overpressure before exactly what you say happened, happens.

So, pressure switch failure, and then a PRV failure, or did you even have one installed?

Both failing at the same time is a very unlikely occurrence and I'm sure sorry that you were the subject of the unhappy results.

Good luck with the next one. And periodically pull the ring on the PRV and then push it back into place to make sure that it operates freely.



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Nov 25, 2018
Yea Ok. ;)
by: Anonymous

No way this happened. 3hp 30 gal

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