by mike

My air compressor gets air from the motor but don’t put any in the tank.


Gets air from the motor
by: Bill

Mike, I have no idea what you mean when you say your compressor gets air from the motor?

Are you saying that the pump is pulling air into the intake, and you’ve pulled the line to the tank from the pump and are getting good pressure out of the pump?

Maybe you could take a moment to explain further, and add a photo or two of your compressor to help others help you?


by: Mike

There’s good pressure coming from the hose. But it’s not building up in the tank


There’s good pressure coming from the hose
by: Bill

Still puzzled, Mike.

If you’ve got good pressure in the hose, then your compressor is able to keep up with the demand of your air tool.

It is likely then, but I’m really not sure from what you’ve posted, that the compressor can supply the tool but if you are using the air tool, there is not enough air capacity to fill the tank at the same time?

Is that it?

What happens if you just run the air compressor?

Also, are you sure the tank gauge is working? What pressures are the two gauges showing; the tank gauge and the regulator gauge?




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