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Air compressor tank recycling

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Getting rid of the air compressor tank?

by Chris Hardwick
(Windsor, Ont Canada)

I have a 3 gallon Mastercraft air compressor that is no longer usable. I need to know how I can dispose of the tank?

A new Mastercraft 3 gallon air compressor
A new Mastercraft 3 gallon air compressor

Well Chris,

When you say you wish to dispose of the tank, can we assume you have removed the pump and all other accessories from the tank? Or, what do you mean that you wish to get rid of the tank… or do you mean the whole compressor?

If you have removed everything from the tank then any metal recycling depot will accept the tank as it is metal and can be recycled.

If the compressor is still intact, maybe offer it on a local sales site as a non-working compressor available free for spare parts. I expect someone will grab it.

Any thoughts about compressor recycling? Fee free to add them here. Make sure you add photos please.

By Bill Wade

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