Air Compressor Tank Fills and Loses Pressure and won't run

by William
(Deltona, FL)

I have a campbell hausfled 20 gallon air compressor. When I start it, it runs great and fills up the tank with air. After using my air gun for a couple minutes, the tank empties. The drain valve is shut. You can hear the compressor trying to run but it doesn't.

Bill says...

It may not start as it may not have enough energy to do so.

Pull the plug and drain the tank to zero. Close the drain. Plug the compressor back in and watch it as it runs up to cut out pressure.

Observe and listen for the unloader valve to function when the compressor reaches cut out pressure.

See the link from Valves to the Unloader Valve page if you aren't sure about what they are and do.

If the unloader valve doesn't function, that is your problem. Clean it, fix it or replace it.



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