I have 2 questions about an old Ingersoll Rand compressor. Apparently my compressor is obsolete and there are no parts available, so I need to make new reed flapper valves. My OEM valve is .010″ thick.

Older Ingersoll Rand valve plate

Question #1: What shim stock is better to use, 18-8 stainless or 1095 spring steel?

Question #1: Would .012″ or .015″ shim stock make the valve less likely to break again, or would the thicker material effect the fill timing/ability?

Thank you!


Reed Valve Material
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Good questions.

The spring steel would be my choice, as it’s meant to flex.

I also would use a thickness as small as possible, that can withstand the pressure/area of the valve, also because thinner is more flexible and therefore less likely to break, as long as it isn’t hitting something other than the valve opening.

Too thick or stiff material will certainly impact efficiency, as a smaller opening due to limited valve travel will limit air flow.

Some pumps have a limiter finger above the valve, I take it this one does not?

Good luck.


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