Air compressor ran out of oil

by ray

its ran out of oil and stoped working whats the chance of it working aginn if i put oil in

thanks Ray
That will be determined by how hot the pump assembly got when running without any oil, Ray.

Before doing anything else, you do want to add oil, and then see what happens.

You don't indicated make, model, size, age or any other specifics of your air compressor, so all I can say is add oil, and good luck,


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Jul 28, 2014
about compressor leaks oil bad
by: Bill

Hey Mike...

My advice is always, once you are finished using the air compressor, to open the tank drain and empty the tank. This lets any accumulated water out.

There should not be a connection between the oil sump and the tank, regardless if there is air in the tank.

If you are getting lots of oil into the tank, it's probably coming past your piston seals, and is blown into the tank along with the compressed air.


Jul 27, 2014
Compressor leaks oil bad
by: Mike

My Central Pnuematic 8 gal 2 HP started leaking very badly, have used very lightly.

Seems like leaks from gasket down onto tank.

Is it important to store the unit without air pressure in tank?

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