Air compressor has blown power switch?

by Gord
(Calgary Ab CAN)

Plugged in my Mastercraft 2 gallon with the power switch on. Pop and a spark and she's dead.

I figure it may just need a new power switch, can these be bought or should I just jimmy one together using a generic switch?

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May 30, 2016
by: GordN

I called a few numbers (I e-mailed them to Bill for posting) for parts, very helpful, and I ended up getting a new circuit board free on the second phone number! I bought a new switch just in case.

Apr 13, 2016
Mastercraft failure
by: Bill

Dog gone it Gord! :-)

Glad you found the problem and your post will help another Mastercraft air compressor user to check the power cord as well!

Apr 13, 2016
by: GordN

Not sure how to log back into the site...
As I was messing around looking for the issue I noticed the puppy had chewed the power cord. D'oh.

Apr 09, 2016
by: Gord

No response on the MM with the switch. 1red 1white 1Black. So, as u say, probably pooched.

Surprised the fuse inside didn't blow?!? Would've been a lot easier.

I assume two powers and 1negative. Maybe the light for the switch?

Apr 07, 2016
Air compressor switch
by: Ryan

Hello there I have a bit of an issue with my 2 gallon maximum Mastercraft.

I disconnected the plastic on and off switch to check if there is power and while using the voltmeter ( which I am very new too) It began to start but when I put the plastic switch back on I get nothing. Any ideas?

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Apr 03, 2016
by: Bill

Gord, the answer to your question is yes! :-)

Use a multi-meter to determine if the switch is really pooched, and if so, you can pick up a comparable switch to that one at most electrical supply outlets.

They are not expensive.

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