Air compressor design

by Johan van Zyl
(South Africa, Gauteng, Pretoria)

Good day Bill

I'm from South Africa, studying Mechanical Engineering. I have to design an air compressor, but only the engine part of it. Could you give me some advice related to the bearings between the crank and crankshaft, belt drives and bearings for the fan? I also have to specify a type of air flow regulator.

The engine will be putting out 1.5kW(about 2 hp) with a crankshaft speed of 750rpm. The crankshaft has a 20mm(0.8") diameter, where the cylinder has a stroke of 60mm(2.4").

I would appreciate your help
I expect you'll be looking for a mechanical engineer for this kind of help Johan, which I am surely not.

I hope that you get some responses from other visitors.



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