Air Compressor Cut Off not working

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by David

Compressor cuts on and builds pressure and does not cut off.

Changed pressure switch and problem still exists?????

What is the next thing to check?


Compressor cuts on and builds pressure
by: Bill

Hi David

First thing is what’s the make a model of the compressor please? Any chance you can upload a photo or two as well?

What pressure does the tank gauge get to before it doesn’t build any further and you shut down the compressor?

Does this happen every time you turn on the compressor?

If you drain the tank to zero and start the compressor again, does it do the same thing.

Can you feel around the air intake filter (assuming your compressor has one) and tell me if there is air puffing back out as the compressor is running?

Please provide the additional information, and identify the compressor.


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