Air Boss Compressor Built in Breaker Keeps Blowing

by Robert
(Ancaster, ON)

Hi Bill,

I have an Air Boss Compressor. I have had it for 15 years and it has never failed me.

Recently, it has started to pop the built in circuit breaker on the motor as it runs. It never gets to full capacity but close to it. It has been on the same plug for the last 12 years without a problem. I know nothing has changed on the AC line it is on, so it seems to point to the compressor. Is there any thing in particular I should look for in hopes of diagnosing it?


When I hear compressor issues like this, Robert, I typically have a look at the capacitors on the motor. Have a look at the page on this site about testing your start / run capacitors.

If they check out, then I'd be looking at the motor itself as the cause.



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