after running hitachi gas air compressor won't start

after running hitachi gas air compressor for 30 minutes now it won't start


There is so much information not hear in this post, it's almost impossible to even guess what the problem with the air compressor might be.

I can't even research the issue, as I don't know the model number.

Got fuel in it? Good.

Try bleeding the tank to zero PSI, and then trying to start the compressor again.

If no positive results, please post a comment here with the details of the compressor, and what you have done to try and start it and we, and our readers, will go from there.



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Dec 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

The most common problem with Honda's and Honda clones is with the carb fuel jet. (speck of debris in the orfice of jet . I have fixed many a dead Honda! Remove float bowl ,float and float needle. The only way to clear it is with a very small diameter piece of stiff wire. (I use a round feeler gauge - (1/thou if I remember correctly) I know they say don't use objects to clear jet due to possible enlargement of orfice but- nothing else will get it out (blow and soak all you want but its not gonna come out that way) Anyway, the jets in the center of the carb float chamber -just push your wire tool gently into the tiny orfice of brass jet several times or more -it will start right up when your done.


Sure sounds like the voice of experience! Thanks John.


Oct 23, 2011
Gas air compressor won't start
by: Frank

Hi Bill,
Here is some more details, the compressor is a 5.5hp honda engine with a hitachi air compressor. I just purchased it used three days ago, I was starting it and running it for 2 to 3 minutes for two days with no problems testing some of my equipment with it. Yesterday I ws running it after 30 minutes it shut off, I allowed it to cool off for 5 minutes and it would not start after several tries, I opened the choke half way and it started momentarily then it shut off again. It acts like it is going to start thes pops and shuts off.

I checked and added fuel with no results.

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