After rebuild Craftsman 919.167783 won't build pressure past 30psi

by Chad
(Crete, IL)

Hello Bill,

Thank you for this site. It is very helpful. My Compressor issues come in two parts. First, my compressor was very slow to build pressure and would only get up to ~120psi. I tore it down and realized that my rings were bad and cyl walls were pretty scored. I ordered a rebuild kit from Craftsman to replace both the cyl & rings. I installed and now I can't seem to get the air compressor to go beyond 30psi. Everything is torqued down properly and I replaced all of the o-rings that were provided. Per your guidelines, I noticed that there was no air coming out of the intake with the compressor running. With it off, I manually turned the wheel and would hear a hiss from the unloader valve area when the piston was on compression stroke. I think this might be the pressure valve, but it was intact when I had it off the first time.

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Feb 17, 2015
Low pressure
by: Doug in

There is also the possibility that some kinda junk got in the output tube to the tank, and gummed up the check valve.

Feb 17, 2015
919.167783 won't build pressure
by: Bill

Chad, did you replace the gasket in the pump with a new one? If so, you may have a crimp in it that allows pressure to bypass when your compressor hits 30 PSI.

Or, if you didn't change the gasket, then it is possible the old gasket has developed a leak that opens fully at 30 PSI.

Pull the line from the pump to the tank with the compressor off and the tank empty. Turn on the compressor and feel the output from the pump. I suspect at low pressure you will feel the outgoing pressure is pretty strong. If so, that supports my theory.


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