Advice on which way to go with a pump

by Matt M
(Elyria Ohio )

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Let me start by saying i need some good advice.

I need a good well decent pump for my 60 gallon tank.

My motor is a Baldor industrial duty, it's got grease fittings to lube it up, its single phase 3HP 3450 rpm and works great, very powerful.

So I have found 2 used pumps from 2 different people, 1st is a complete Compressor the other is just a pump.

The first one his was an older gas powered air compressor that someone put an electric motor on that it still has the original pump that appears to be pretty big in size still works good.

Is it a 2 stage or a single? I can buy the whole thing pump motor wheel barrow tank for a $100.00.

The second is just a 2 cylinder v style pump that is off already but with a guarantee to work. it don't look that old or abused and the guy is asking a $100 for it also.

It's either one of these or one of the 2 from harbor freight. I'm just looking for my best option, most cfm, best recoupe, and most psi and i want it to last, don't want to do it again.

I need my compressor back up and working but keep dragging my feet on which way to go any and all advice will be appreciated

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Oct 22, 2016
Advice on a pump
by: Doug in

I'm afraid we don't have enough info on your intended use to say much.

If you haven't already, please take a look at "Selecting Your Air Compressor" usually found to the left of the page.

As to the pump being twin or two stage, can't really tell from the pic. If one piston is smaller than the other it's two stage, if the same size then twin. single stage oiled pumps usually don't go more than 125PSI, two stage typically 165-200PSI.

HFT stuff is often pretty good, but also often hard to impossible to get parts for, but not sure about these stand-alone pumps.

Let us know if you still have questions after you do the recommended reading.

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