adjusting psi on a 1048200-22

by Mike
(Fredericksburg, Virginia)

I have an old Sanborn compressor Model #1048200-22 and cuts off at 80psi.. How do I increase the pse?? thanks for the help Mike

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Dec 23, 2017
adjusting psi on a 1048200-22
by: Willie

On my 104B250U-22 the cut-in is 70psi and cut-out is 100psi, that's what's on the label on the side of the tank. Mine started cutting out around 80psi and I found that the contact's on the pressure switch were wore out. I replaced it with a 95psi/125psi pressure switch and adjusted it back to around 75psi/105psi. Hope this helps.

Dec 14, 2017
by: Bill

Mike, I wasn't able to find any specs on this compressor. Do you know what the normal cut out pressure is?

You don't want to increase the cut out pressure if the compressor normal cut out is 80 PSI.

However, that seems to be a pretty low cut out, so the issue may be that the pressure switch is failing, and if that's the case, adjusting it won't accomplish much.

Do you - or anyone - know the normal cut out pressure? Please add a comment here with that info.

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