Adjusting for air tool pressure

by Chuck

I just acquired a Titan 8 gal compressor and tried to use it for a nail gun. It's shooting the nail thru the siding, so I need to tone down the pressure. Is there an adjustment on the compressor itself, or is this an item that needs to be added in line?


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Oct 14, 2016
Titan 8 gal compressor pressure
by: Bill

Chuck, you plug your air line connector into a discharge coupler on the compressor.

Upstream from that coupler should be an air regulator.

If yours did not come equipped, you will need to add one. If it does have a regulator, the purpose is to allow you to dial the air pressure down to the level that works best for the air tool.

I looked at a couple of images of Titan wheelbarrow compressors on line, and if that's what you've got, both photos showed the regulator that I refer to.

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