Addition of a TC 40 Compressor Air Tank

by Angela Crivellone

TC 40 air brush compressor

TC 40 air brush compressor

Hello Bill,

I am fairly new to air compressors. I didn't best to try and find an answer to my question before asking you. But no luck! I have been using a small airbrush and compressor set up to apply my cosmetics for quite some time now. So I'm comfortable with the basics of everything.

I have be restoring and customizing Nike Air Jordans for just over a year. I do everything by hand. I've wanted to get into airbrush painting them forever it seems like.

I recently purchased a Master TC-40 Cool Runner Professional air compressor from TCP Global. (The compressor with the air tank is the Master TC-40T) I just received it a couple days ago. I haven't even pushed paint through it yet! My airbrush is a Master brand as well.

I had the option of purchasing the compressor, with or without the air tank. About a $30 difference. Even though I knew better, I still purchased the compressor w/o the air tank... I've researched online over and over trying to find an answer to my question. That's how I found you.

Is it possible to attach an air tank to a compressor that was not originally manufactured with one?! The only info I can seem to find is how to attach an additional tank to an original tank. Obviously that won't help me!
Thank you very much for you time!

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May 28, 2018
Add TC40 air tank
by: Bill

You've been what... "restoring and customizing Nike Air Jordans". Never heard of that. Please tell us more as a comment.

As to the compressor, sure, add a tank.

Probably best to add one that's the same size capacity as that compressor would have come with if you had bought that option.

Since you didn't, it'll now cost you more!

Feed the compressor output to the tank. In the line between the compressor and the tank put a check valve so air flowing into the tank cannot flow back out the compressor unload port.

At the tank, put in a tee, one line from the compressor, the other your coupler for the air tool air line, and you are in business.

Make sure you don't exceed the compressor duty cycle when filling the tank, time wise.

Also, read this page as the process for the "Ball Filler" is similar to how you want to add the tank.

Maybe send us a photo of your finished project too, Angela?

And...thanks for the info on the ball filler Jim G. RIP, my friend.

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