Adding larger capacity to Ridgid gas powered Compressor

by Gregg

I have a Rigid Wheel barrow compressor that only has 9gallon tank capacity. I do not have access to 220v to get a larger CFM Compressor system therefore the gas powered one is what I have. Can i Add a larger Tank to this in order to increase air capacity? Specs are as follows. 5.5 HP Honda Engine, 9 Gallon Capacity, 10.3 CFM @ 90psi. What would the pitfalls be if i added a larger tank in my garage. I will need this for Grinding, Sanding, Impact Wrench Etc.

I can't see any reason why not as long as running the compressor motor longer to fill secondary tanks isn't a duty cycle issue. See the page on this site about adding a tank for more info.


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