adding an extra air tank

by cag

my air compressor

my air compressor

i have a reciprocating air compressor (1/4 hp ,pressure of 9kg and has a 9gallons air capacity)

Just wondering i want to add a extra air tank in it, what things i have to consider and do you think, will the motor can put up, if i add a 2nd you advice to add a 2nd tank or not??? Thanks

Bill says...

Howdy Cag....

An extra tank is, in my opinion, always a good thing for the many reasons noted on this site.

You need to be concerned about the Duty Cycle of your air compressor, so that, if it is not 100% duty cycle, you don't run it to overheat.

Why not pop over to the site map and have a look at the Plumbing section, the Tank section to get details about adding a tank.



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