Adding a tank to a compressor

by Mike M
(Dallas/Ft Worth area)

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Compressor motor label

Compressor motor label
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Our wood shop has a new (2015) 10 HP compressor with a 120 gallon tank. We run from 3 to 5 nail guns/staple guns and plan to add 2-3 guns. Do you think we can safely add another tank? If so, what size?

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Sep 22, 2015
Tanks...What is your goal?
by: Doug in

You won't be able to run any more guns with just a bigger tank, although they will run longer between actual compressor cycles, which will also be longer.

If you are in a production situation, you'd do well to consider adding a second compressor. You can set it up so one compressor handles most of the load, and if the load is greater than what it can handle is exceeded, the second one would kick in as well. This has the advantage that when this compressor fails (or needs regular maintenance), you won't be dead in the water, so to speak.

Sep 22, 2015
Add a tank?
by: Bill

Mike, I'm not sure what you mean by safely add another tank?

If you exceed the compressor's duty cycle, since adding a tank will increase the run time before the compressor reaches cut out and stops, that's not good.

So, you need to know the duty cycle of your compressor.

As to the tank size, whatever size can be filled to the cut out pressure without exceeding the duty cycle of the compressor.

Much of this is covered in detail on the pages of this site that cover adding a tank to a compressor. Have a look at those pages, and then, if you have a specific question about your specific compressor and tank, do please add it as a comment here.

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