Add another compressor tank to an existing air compressor

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by Brian
(bethel mn)

what will happen if i add a tank to my compressor that i have now.

will it add cfm? i’m thinking of putting a shut off on it so i can use it only when i need more air.

The only down side to adding one or a bunch more compressor storage tanks is that you have to consider the air compressor Duty Cycle.

The duty cycle is the length of time the compressor can be running before it has to stop and have time to cool down. Even some compressors that are rated at 100% duty cycle cannot run continuously without a rest period, though that issue is common to the cheaper lines.

Many industrial air compressors are designed to run none stop.

So check out the duty cycle page on this site for more info, and make sure before you add a tank that your air compressor is up for running longer to fill the extra tank(s).

Good luck.

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