About blowing out sprinkler lines

by Dick

I want to buy an a/c to blow out my sprinkler system (6 zones with 5-6 sprinkler heads each)and wonder what "CFM" I should look for. I like the portability of some 26-30 gallon units (as I will only use to blow lines once/yr). The "CFM"s i am seeing in these units range 3.5-4.8 @ 90psi. Measure twice, cut once. Thank you.


Hello Dick. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for visiting my website.

I've been asked about compressor capacities for blowing out sprinkler lines a number of time.

If you get a second, why not visit this page on that topic, and then, follow applicable links for complete information on figuring out how big a compressor you need?



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