About adding compressor oil

I can't see the oil n the sight glass of my harbor freight compressor.

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Sep 26, 2017
Compressor oil fill level
by: Bill

Typically, if there is a sight glass, when the oil is correctly filled, it should be level with the center of the dot in the middle of the sight glass.

The sight glass is there to allow the compressor owner to quickly determine if there is sufficient oil, and to help ensure there is not an over-fill.

As Doug points out, if there is a sight glass, you should be able to see the oil as it fills the sump to that point and to the center of the glass.

Please keep us posted.

Sep 25, 2017
No oil in sight glass
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

You mean up to the fill hole? No way.

Either there's some kind of cap in/on the sight glass, or you're just not seeing it, somehow.

If you've drained the oil again, then I'd remove the sight glass and see if there's some kind of cover on it. Or maybe in the hole it screws into.

Get it out, and replace the glass and oil (to the fill mark, of course).

Sep 24, 2017
67847 has no oil in sight glass
by: Anonymous

no oil in sight glass after filling to top. model 67847. had to drain all oil out. poured oil slowly back in. still no oil in glass. just stopped after adding some oil. compressor started right up. killed it, looked in sight glass. No oil. scared to run compressor till problem solved. hope you can help. thank you much!

Dec 29, 2016
by: Doug in s.d.ca

We've seen a case where the glass was dirty, but the oil was there, so make sure it's not overfilled or dirty if adding oil doesn't make it show.

Dec 28, 2016
Adding oil
by: Anonymous

Sorry, I didn't explain the problem very well. I drained the oil and while I'm adding new oil it is very difficult to see it in the glass. I've tried shining light directly at the glass as well as trying a raking light. It is just very difficult to see the oil dripping into the glass.

Dec 28, 2016
No oil visible in compressor sight glass
by: Bill

Well friend, if you have a sight glass for oil, and nothing is showing, best add some right away, and before you use the compressor again.

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