My RA6180DV Snap On
         Blows Breaker

Question: My RA6180DV Snap On Blows Breaker - Was working fine, cycling properly. Then I heard it try to start, it hummed for a couple seconds, then blew breaker.

I have verified electrical power. I can turn the compressor over by hand. Oil level was on the low side of the sight glass, but good. Had high pressure valve problems in the past, it acts the same way. But removed valve and makes no difference. Suspected motor issue, removed motor had the windings and capacitors checked. Was told they were bad. Had motor rewound and capacitor replaced. Installed motor. Same issue, no change. Obviously I missed something, but what?

My response to My RA6180DV Snap On Blows Breaker: Mike, my first thought, too, was that this was a start capacitor issue.

Two things more to check. Pull the intake filter and see if that makes any difference. If not, open the tank drain and try to restart with an empty tank. Any change?

If it still won't go, and power is actually getting to the motor circuit, you've had the caps checked and replaced, it still sounds electrical to me.

Another visitor comments on My RA6180DV Snap On Blows Breaker: I am having the same problem with my Ram Air, which I purchased used. The guy said it worked when he took it out of the garage when he moved. I replaced the capacitors, one tested bad. Same result. I have the motor pulled now and taking it to the shop. Did you finally find the problem?

Mike's response: Yes. The motor needed rebuilt with a new contact switch in the back of motor.