NFPA is an acronym for the National Fluid Power Association. The purpose of the NFPA, as defined and quoted from the NFPA web site, is:

"To strengthen the future for fluid power and better serve its customers by providing a forum for all industry stakeholders within NFPA.

Led by our Board of Directors, NFPA is building a seamless and inclusive association that can serve as a forum and a collective voice for all the stakeholders in the fluid power industry-manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, educators and customers. Our Board envisions NFPA's new initiative as a means to support our industry, its customers, and all its channel partners."

The National Fluid Power Association provides a broad range of services to the user of fluid power, and details of those services can be found at the NFPA web site:

For us users of compressed air, the NFPA may affect us most by the industry-wide acceptance of the NFPA's standards for many of the air cylinders that are manufactured in North America.

NFPA footprint cylinders are now manufactured off-shore as well, for sale into the North American market.

Cylinders built to NFPA specifications have common port sizes, common mounting dimensions with common rod diameters and rod threads.

By specifying an NFPA cylinder for a piece of equipment or new machine, you make the maintenance of the machine easier, as any other vendors NFPA cylinder of the same bore and stroke, with the same mounting style, and should be a drop in replacement.