NAPA Air Compressors

I would guess that not too many folks involved with garages or industry in North America don't know about NAPA. A logical part of the NAPA product mix is NAPA air compressors. This is a self-help forum page for NAPA air compressors to allow visitors to ask questions and to help other users of this brand of compressors.

The National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA) has been around for eight decades, formed to provide a streamlined method of getting auto parts from source to user.

Nowaday, NAPA doesn't just sell auto parts, but ancillary equipment for garages and other auto repair shops. Most anybody can walk into a NAPA outlet to pick up a host of industrial and automotive related items.

NAPA boasts of "global manufacturing" which I interpret as saying they buy products from around the world. They don't say that these manufacturers are connected with NAPA other than as a supplier. Some of these suppliers are branding product with NAPA's name on it, and this brings us back to the NAPA air compressors which are, I believe, branded for them by one the mainstream compressor manufacturers.

NAPA air compressors

NAPA offers a reasonably broad range of air compressors, from their Air Boss consumer oriented compressors, through to their industrial heavy duty line with reciprocating or rotary screw pumps.

As a supplier of air compressors and components, I believe NAPA to be a cut above when it comes to after sales service for their compressors. They might actually have folks on staff that know how compressors work. They seem to welcome customer's requests, and as I always do, if you have a question about your NAPA air compressor, consider contacting them first.

For NAPA air Compressors Product Support, please call them:
Have the model and serial number of your machine available when you call.
Technical support is available Mon-Fri,
8a-5p EST atL 866-869-3114

If you have a question about your NAPA air compressors that they cannot answer, why not post it here on the forum to see if other NAPA compressor users have had the same problem, and may have found an answer for you? If you are a user or are knowledgeable about NAPA compressors and you can help another user by answering a question, please add your info as a comment. We all win then.

If you need a manual for your NAPA air compressor, here are a few you can download.

Here is the form to ask a question:

NAPA Air Compressors

Having an issue with your NAPA air compressor? Here is where you can ask a question about it.

Please note that I work on responses to information and technical requests daily so please allow up to 24 hours for a response. Thanks. Bill

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