Mastercraft Air Compressors

Mastercraft air compressors are the house brand of a nation-wide, Canadian company that markets a broad range of homeowner and light industrial tools and equipment, all under the Mastercraft brand.

The basic brand - Mastercraft - is their name for their household type tools and equipment. If you are seeking equipment that's more industrially oriented, you would look for their Mastercraft Maximum line.

You can acquire Mastercraft air compressors at the Canadian Tire stores throughout Canada, and online in Canada and in the U.S.A. as well, compressors that I suspect were "job lots" purchased at a discount and sold in other outlets.

Canadian Tire also sells a few models of their MotoMaster air compressors. These used to be 12 VDC compressors designed for airing-up tires, and were, essentially, a consumable. Use it until it breaks then toss it out. More recently they have started offering MotoMaster compressors in larger sizes, with 120 VAC motors and larger pumps.

Like many big box stores Canadian Tire does not manufacture their compressors themselves, but has companies around the world manufacture Mastercraft and Motomaster air compressors private labelled for them from a variety of sources, though typically Asian.

Canadian Tire big box style stores offer little, if anything, in after market compressor parts for the compressors they sell. If you have a problem with your Mastercraft air compressor and you have owned it long enough that it is out of warranty, good luck getting parts for it though this forum may help.

Mastercraft air compressor

You can try contacting their customer service desk at this URL: . Odds are good though that they will not be able to help in getting compressor parts.

You could also try asking a store clerk where you purchased your Mastercraft compressor if they send compressors out for rebuild under warranty and then contact that company for parts. I suspect though that when a low-cost compressor comes back under warranty, they simply give you a new one and junk the returned compressor rather than trying to fix them.

You can use this forum page for folks that own Mastercraft air compressors, regardless of origin, and need some help with them.

Mastercraft air compressors are inexpensive

By and large Mastercraft air compressors are cheap. On sale, you can often purchase a new one for under $100. With a retail price at that level, there is nothing in that price that allows handling costs for shipping compressors out for repair, or stocking parts which is likely why the stores don't even try to have compressor parts.

Further, from one year to the next it might be a whole different company making the Mastercraft air compressors that year. Compressor shapes, sizes and capacities seem to change often, as Canadian Tire adapts compressors and prices to meet the changing needs of their market.

When you have a problem with your Mastercraft air compressor then, this forum is a good place to try to find information and parts sources. This forum will provide troubleshooting tips for Mastercraft air compressors and complimentary download of manuals that other users have been kind enough to provide.

Do look at the troubleshooting pages on this site for tips on problems common to many brands of compressors including Mastercraft and Motomaster. If you cannot find an answer for your compressor problem, then post a question below.

Mastercraft Compressor Manuals

Click the link to download any of these manuals to your computer. After download, save it so you have it for future use.

Motomaster / Mastercraft #058-7949-6 Compressor Manual
Mastercraft #05-9315-2 Compressor Manual
Mastercraft #058-8381-8, 3 US Gallon Compressor
Mastercraft #058-9316-0

Thanks from all of us to all of you who help with information and advice about Mastercraft air compressors.


Mastercraft Air Compressor Issues

Having an issue to ask about or share regarding your Mastercraft Air Compressor? Here is where you can ask a question about it.

Please note that I work on responses to information and technical requests daily so please allow up to 24 hours for a response. Thanks. Bill

Other visitor's issues with Mastercraft Air Compressors

Please see other visitor's comments below. You may find that the solution to your compressor problem has already been posted.

Missing manual 
I lost the manual for my master craft air compressor. Could u possibly send me one asap as I can not find it online. Your Customer, …

New Mastercraft compressor #58-1390-8 don't stop 
Brand new compressor won't stop...the safety valve open at +/- 135psi. What could I do for it? Is it adjustable?

Find regulator for Mastercraft Product #058-9315-2 
I need a replacement regulator adjustment cap for a 5 gallon mastercraft Product #058-9315-2

Part that goes from Mastercraft compressor to hose 
I have a 2 gallon, 1/3 hp mastercraft unit = 058-7936-8. I have broken off the screw in part that has barbs on the other end to go into the little hose. …

Mastercraft compressor doesn't cut in. 
My compressor will cut in at 25psi, is the pressure switch wrecked and if yes how do you take it out cause i couldn't figure that out? It cuts out at …

* Adding a regulator to the Mastercraft airbrush compressor 
I would like to add a regulator to the Mastercraft airbrush compressor so I can better control the mount of air going through the airbrush. How do I do …

la pression ne monte pas au cadran (Pressure doesn't rise) 
J ai un mastercraft 2hp nu 58-8097-6 et la pression ne monte plus meme si le compresseur fonctionne , qu elle est son trouble ? (Compressor runs but …

2 gallon air hose from motor to tank failing 
my 2 gallon air compressor little air hose keeps coming off nipple on air motor, the mesh is coming off hose ,now after I hose clamped it down ,hose is …

099-1730-2 breather plug 
I have a Mastercraft 099-1730-2 6 gallon compressor and need a new breather plug. Was wondering if plugs threads are standardized or if anyone knows where …

Mastercraft pressure builds and exceeds set limit 
6 gallon Mastercraft compressor starts to build pressure and then does not stop at the limit that is set. The relief valve triggers to drop the pressure. …

8 gallon 58-7914-8 compressor capacitor? 
Compressor cut out attempts to restart after cooling but then makes a buzzing sound suspect capaciter faulty can I get a new one ?

Tank full, starts leaking and refilling automatically. 
when tank is full with air, air starts leaking and refilling automatically. May be safety valve is not working properly.

Mastercraft compressor always blows the breaker? 
No matter where i try to plug it, no matter what its plugged into it just blows the breaker every time and its BRAND NEW. its a Mastercraft 15 us gallon …

Mastercraft compressor won't build air 
first when you plug it in it builds up its air right when air gets low it will not build up air second time. it cuts in but sounds like its not getting …

Replacement fan master craft air compressor 
In need for fan for master craft 2 gallon air compressor.

Mastercraft Air compressor humming does not start 
My 5 gallon air compressor started not getting to full pressure and after around 90 psi it would start humming and not moving any more. Now our is …

Mastercraft 58-8097-6 compressor broken pipe/manifold 
I have a Mastercraft 5 gal air compressor (58-8097-6). It tipped over and the metal part (manifold?) that directs the air to the air gauge, the pressure …

Parts for Mastercraft PCE6100VMC compressor 
Need parts for Mastercraft PCE6100VMC Air compressor, Fan Blade #PCE6100VMC-M-48-WLS

Pressure switch- Motomaster model 058-7949-6 
I need a Pressure switch for a Motomaster 5-gallon compressor model 058-7949-6. Anyone know where I could locate one of those? Alvin Rideout

Broken fan blade on air compressor  
I have a broken fan blade on my compressor and need a new one product number is 199 5704 4

Mastercraft will not maintain enough pressure 
Will not maintain enough pressure to turn the air sander on enough to use...air is lost immediately upon applying trigger of air tool.

Unit takes a long time to build up pressure 
I have a 3 gallon Mastercraft air compressor and it takes about 10 minutes to build up the air pressure to the 110 psi and when you use the unit it seems …

Mastercraft 820250 Leaking Air... 
My mastercraft is leaking air- Not sure what this parts is but its leaking ir from the hihlighted area. I have the plastic pcs but not the blacl round …

Whisper Tech Air compressor stops early 
My friend has a 4 gallons maximum whisper tech air compressor bought 2 years ago and the pressure stops at 75PSI only and once you remove the air from …

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Compressor won’t shut off. 
Mastercraft 10 gallon air compressor will run constantly and will never shut off!

Model pce6100mc won't build pressure? 
master craft air compressor model # pce6100mc won't build pressure anymore.

model#099_3014_6 5.5 need parts? 
Blew the gasket, one of the reeds is missing.

pce6100mc will not start? 
Got it assembled and it will not do an original start. Brand new out of the box. model pce6100mc 10 gal

3 Gallon Mastercraft blowing bus fuse 
compressor just died on me replaced the fuse and blew it again immediately, brought in in to the house to eliminate possibility of bad plug in in my shed …

How to remove air filter for cleaning on 10 gallon compressor? 
How to remove air filter for cleaning on 10 gallon air compressor?

Looking for a manifold 
I am looking for motor master air compressor manifold !!

Portable Mastercraft 009-5097-2 will not pump air 
I have a little Mastercraft 009-5097-2 compressor that I carry in my RV to top up the tires and blow out the water system for winterizing.. The other …

3 gal mastercraft silica O ring replacement help 
Ok thanks to the guy who told me to take it apart-it did blow the bottom O ring from the compressor-so the remaining one is orange in colour and replacement …

New pressure regulator on my Mastercraft compressor 
I replaced the pressure regulator and it started up and cut off at 125 lbs and then I ran my DA sander and when it lost pressure it wouldn't start up. …

Won't build pressure anymore 
3 gal-exactly like the one above-about 3 yrs old now air is coming out of bottom of black motor unit-I don't remember it doing this before

Mastercraft tire compressor car plug lost fuse & plug. 
The car plug for the air compressor has come off. Looking to find a replacement male part for the plug.

Mastercraft broken compressor reeds 
where can I buy compressor parts for my 5gal. twin tank compressor

Is this a 820250 check valve? 
It's a Mastercraft 820250 model. 5 gal tank. Tipped over. Blew all air from tank. Now won't build pressure. Air leaking from valve on the outlet of the …

Compressor delivered without an oil cap? 
I ordered a Master Craft 10 gallon 3.5 air compressor. There was no oil cap in the box.

Won't build any pressure - leaking check valve? 
It's a Mastercraft 820250 model. 5 gal tank. Tipped over. Blew all air from tank. Now won't build pressure. Air leaking from valve on the outlet of …

Cracked housing - need new! 
The housing that the tank inline, gadge inline, hose outline and regulator on/off switch has cracked on my 10gal master craft need new one...

Mastercraft compressor wont start.  
Had it in van over night. was below zero. pulled it out and it turned on but then it just stopped. now i just hear the electric motor trying to start …

Mastercraft Too noisey 
Are there any noise suppressors for compressor?

Compressor Stalls 
Compressor stalls and then starts when I release the the air in it

PCE6100MC won't build pressure 
master craft air compressor PCE6100MC want build up pressure or fill tank. Motor starts and runs just no pressure or tank fill. Can you help

Replacement rubber piston ring for CTS2650511 
Where can i get a replacement rubber piston ring for a small oiless compressor? The Mastercraft small portable 2 gallon oil less air compressor still …

Mastercraft air compressor will not build any pressure 
I turn the compressor on and no pressure is produced no matter how long it runs

Mastercraft compressor motor won't run 
When I try to start the compressor, it sounds like it tries for about half a second but won't engage. I did manage to get it running by switching it on …

Mastercraft Air Cage Compressor; broken cooling fan  
My 10 year old Mastercraft Air Cage Compressor's plastic cooling fan flew into pieces recently. I've search the web for a parts supplier for this compressor …

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No Help From Support - Mastercraft complaint 
I have 20 gallon compressor, the valve cover was blown and i can't find any parts. i went to store to ask the parts nothing. i call the 1800 number …

Mastercraft Regulator gone bad? 
Hi there, just bought a Mastercraft (Canadian Tire) 20 gallon vertical compressor. The compressor works fine, builds lots of tank pressure (125psi). …

058-7936-6 needs new fan 
Need a new fan. Where can I get one? Its a mastercraft 1/3 hp with a 2 gallon tank. 058-7936-6 Runs good otherwise.

No air out of fitting. 
Compressor works,builds up pressure but air will not come out when hooking up at fitting with air line. Relief valve works ok when pulling on the ring.This …

Air leaking 
There is an air leak coming from the piston. Can the piston rings be replaced on a Mastercraft 3 gallon compressor?

Broken breathing nozzle 
Broke the breathing nozzle on my 8 Mastercraft air compressor. That part unavailable from them so they shipped me a relief valve to use instead. …

Can I lay my Mastercraft 20 GAL down? 
I have mastercraft air compressor (vertically)20 Gallon. Can I load/carry in my van horizontally from one place to another. Thanks Adam

Mastercraft 5-gallon won't cut-off 
HI, i have a Mastercraft 5-gallon air compressor that just wont stop building air into the tank, to the point that the Pressure Relieve Valve does its …

5gal Mastercraft Compressor Dead Capacitor or ?  
I have a Mastercraft 5gal air compressor i got from CTire 3 years ago. I was using it with a sanding tool when it suddenly stops. I pull out the power …

Air filter for Mastercraft Model TA2050(4H7311) 
Looking for complete air filter for Mastercraft 10 gal I received a Mastercraft 10 gal air, Model TA2050(4H7311). I received the gift around 4 yrs. …

Mastercraft compressor won't fill tires 
my mastercraft 8 gallon air compressor build pressure in the tank till 125 psi and on the rail it also reads 125 but when I try to fill my truck tires …

820250 Head gasket blown  
820250 model. Where can I get a new head gasket?

Compressor shuts off 
My 26 gallon MasterCraft air compressor will run for a minute and shut off. Then I have to switch it off for a couple minutes for it to "reset" and it …

Compressor won't get up to shutoff pressures 
Its just as I put in the heading, It stays around 90 lbs. It doesn't seem to be leaking as it holds the pressure when it is turned off.

I need an intake air filter for Mastercraft air compressor 
I have an 11 gallon Mastercraft air compressor and cannot find an intake air filter for it.

Universal adapter on the compressor does not fit hose 
Bought a 8 gallon compressor and the adapter to attach the hose, also mastercraft, will not fit a basic 3/8" hose with fitting. It will not fit on the …

Cover for model# PEC6100MC 
mastercraft air compressor 10 gallons. I am looking for the cover model# PEC6100MC. Thanks.

Fitting leaks on air compressor 
A fitting on my air compressor is leaking. I'm trying to replace it but there was no parts list or diagram.

switch between psi and kbar units on 009-5031-8 display 
how do I make a different selection of pressure unit on the display of Motomaster 12 V direct drive multi-function air Compressor, Model No. 009-5031-8 …

Regulator leaking on 2 HP compressor 
Motomaster 2.5 gal, 2 hp, regulator blowing air around adjusting knob. Need replacement regulator

My oil fill cap shoots off when it pressures up? 
My oil fill cap shoots off when it pressures up 10 gal stand up cap is threaded no threads in hole? I bought this used turned it on it was around 100 …

lookin for oil plug 4 my compressor 
ordered a air compressor but did not come with the oil plug

Looking for manual PCE6030RMC 
Manual for 3gal mastercraft compressor Model #PCE6030RMC

Compressor wont run when 55 or below 
is their a lighter weight oil for compressor oil so the oil isn't so thick? maybe the pistons would turn over better if oil was a lighter oil is their …

26 gal keeps blowing fuse at 15psi 
brand new 26 gal c/tire compressor blowing fuse at 15psi

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Pressure Switch E247030 
Need a new pressure switch. Part number E247030. Can't seem to locate one anywhere. Any ideas?

Can I adjust the PSI on my 2 gallon compressor 
Is it possible to adjust the PSI on my 2 gallon mastercraft compressor model #058-1289-2 down to between 45 and 65 PSI. I bought this little compressor …

Won't pressure up 
Won't pressure up pop off starts blowing as soon as you start.

Compressor blows fuses 
My small 3 gal. compressor was being used to run a brad nailer for window trim. When it didn't start after using the nailer for a while. I took the …

Socket needed for changing oil in 8 Gal compressor 
Does anyone happen to know the size of socket needed to remove the oil drain plug / sight glass for a Mastercraft electric 8 gallon air compressor? I …

Is Mastercraft compressor motor AC or DC?? 
I have a small 2 gallon Mastercraft compressor (058-7936-6) (1/3 Hp) that I use for small roofing jobs (air nailer). The motor started to vary in speed …

MASTERCRAFT has no parts available 
nobody, and I mean nobody, has available new piston rings for the Mastercraft 2 gallon air compressor. Solution? DON'T BUY MASTERCRAFT CRAP, ITS UNREPAIRABLE!!!!! …

Capacitors and running on Canadian tire compressor 
Hi I have a 5 gallon stacked compressor from Canadian tire. It would not start so I took the cover off and checked the capacitor. The Capacitor is dead …

need a gasket 
i need the gasket that is between the pump assembly and the motor assembly for a motomaster 5 gallon dual stack compressor. Does anyone know where i can …

mastercraft 2 gallon will only pump 80PSI 
2 gallon air compressor wasn't used much. it will only run up to 80 PSI then shuts off. then i use some air it cuts in but only up to 80 PSI. when i first …

Replacement Valve at bottom of tank 8 gallon compressor 
I was loading my compressor into the truck and the valve at the bottom knocked the truck and broke off. Unfortunately the valve was open when this happened …

User manual for Model # pce6100vmc? 
Do you know where to find a user manual for a 10 gal. Model # pce6100vmc

Fitting that gauges and lines and pressure adjuster go into 
I have a Mastercraft 5 gallon single tank compressor and the piece at the back of the control panel which houses the pressure adjuster the 2 gauges and …

Mastercraft compressor barely turns over 
Sometimes it seems to run fine (at least for a first time use) but then will barely turn over and trips the fuse. The only thing I can see in the owners …

Mastercraft 5 gallon (dual tanks) no pressure to hose. 
This compressor (Canadian Tire Product #058-9308-0) is fairly new (less than 2 years old. The tanks pressure up and the motor shuts off but the pressure …

Mastercraft Air compressor quit 
Mastercraft 8 gallon air compressor was running and then quit. Wouldn't restart. Unplugged everything and turned it off, waited a few minutes, plugged …

Pressure regulator/switch needs replacing 
Hello I have a mastercraft Maxum gas powered air compressor. The Pressure regulator/switch that runs the governor on the engine broke. I cannot find …

Need replacement aluminum tube line for model#1110C 
10 gal, model#1110C(NP475). It fell to its side and the gold valve broke and the aluminum lines got damage, still turns on, nothing wrong with motor, …

Air compressor has blown power switch? 
Plugged in my Mastercraft 2 gallon with the power switch on. Pop and a spark and she's dead. I figure it may just need a new power switch, can these …

Find a filter, fan, shroud for a 058-8386-8 
11 gallon compressor: filter, fan, shroud broken. The dog knocked our 11 gallon Mastercraft compressor (058-8386-8) over, breaking the filter, the safety …

Won't shut off when full 
My compressor won't shut off when it reaches it pressure it just keeps on going until relief opens up.

Mastercraft motor willl not run 
5 gal oil lubed motor will not run...power to starter and to motor ..piston free motor will not run although there is power from the starter to the …

oil fill stopper 
I broke of my oil stopper where you put your oil in. its a 125 psi compressor by mastercraft.

master craft leaks air 
Leaks air and I can't find where it's leaking from. It's a master craft 3hp 10 gallon. I've checked every connection with soap and water.

VT470200KB switch does not switch on off  
20 gallon VT470200KB switch does not switch on off

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Mastercraft air compressor puffing smoke 
While plugged in and building up air pressure, my Mastercraft air compressor started puffing huge clouds of black smoke. Why is this ?

Using Mastercraft compressor in basement? 
Hi Bill. My compressor (Mastercraft 8 gallon) has a sticker that says not to use it below garage floor level. Why is that? What could happen if I used …

Mastercraft air compressor has no air pressure 
My Mastercraft will not build up air pressure at all.

Mastercraft Air Compressor will not start or kick in 
was working fine then shut down will not start up

Mastercraft 26 ga compressor will not build pressure 
Mastercraft 26 ga compressor will not build pressure over 60psi compressor will run to approx 60 psi then stop. drain off air and compressor will not …

Mastercraft 8G Air Compressor Does not Start 
Hello, I have a Mastercraft 8G Air Compressor that does not kick in no matter what the pressure setting is. Immediately when the power is turned on the …

Manual for a MasterCraft 4 US gallon, 1.5 hp pancake air compressor 
I'm looking for an owner's manual for this compressor, but cannot find out who the manufacturer is. There is very little information on the machine …

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