DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, has been in existence since 1917. The term DIN is an acronym for: "Deutches Institut fur Normung".

DIN is similar in concept to UL or CSA, with their main activity being the development of technical standards to apply to a host of commerce related goods and services manufactured in Germany, in Europe, and by manufacturers in other countries around the world, at least those that choose to build their products to meet the DIN standards.

Finding products that meet the DIN standards ensures the consumer that there will consistency among similar products from different manufacturers.

As it pertains to compressed air components, if you purchase an item that meets the DIN standard, you can be assured that the same type of component with the same DIN number, purchased at a later date from another vendor, will have common features and specifications that are covered by the DIN standard for that item.

Complete information on DIN standards and specifications (available at a cost) can be found at their web site: www2.din.de