99007 will not turn off by the On/Off switch

by Louie
(Bay St. Louis, MS)

I have a Kobalt 99007, (VLK1582609) that will not turn off by the switch, or build pressure over 40lbs while running.

It will only hold pressure of 15lbs why idle for several days.

Could this be the fault of only the switch, or is there more to it's problem(s)?

This compressor is not made anymore and parts are hard to get, with only a very few still available.

The pressure switch not one of them (my luck). Is there a replacement for the switch?

I hate to can the compressor, it seems to run good.

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Oct 17, 2016
99007 will not turn off
by: Bill

About the fact that your Kobalt won't build pressure, lots on that here: https://www.about-air-compressors.com/compressor-will-not-build-pressure.html .

If you can use the multi-meter, and, with the power switch off, power is still flowing across the switch, you'll want to replace that ON/OFF switch.

As to the pressure switch, you know the cut in and cut out of your Kobalt. Pull the existing switch, and using it as a guide, search for compressor pressure switches and you will find a broad range. Pick one that has the same characteristics as yours, and that will fit the hole. The compressor won't care whose switch you use.

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